David. Great Moments!

Stay curious, my friend!

We enjoy many GREAT MOMENTS. There are instances when everything falls into place. You know at that moment everything is perfect. You try to remember it, to capture some essence to take with you, to bring you back to this moment once again. Sometimes that is only possible in your memory. Other times one can return to the place and find the magic again. These we love and cherish. Sometimes at these moments I have my camera along.  If so, I try to capture something of the moment and the context.  Words can paint pictures, too.
With words we can capture thoughts and emotions not necessarily caught on film but powerful nonetheless. If I could I would also capture the scents and tastes. Some of the best moments involve a flavor, an aroma, combination of scents. Like the aroma of bread just fresh from the oven, the hints of flavors to come when passing by a fine chocolate shop, the sweet atmosphere of a pastry shop or delightful combination of herbs at a favorite restaurant. Here I have combined photos and words to bring back the memories of those great moments.
I have started with Formentor and Genève, two of our favorite places, but since we have many more, I plan to add more to this site. The locations are listed in the menu on the right.  Enjoy!


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